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Academic Services

If a child cannot learn the way I teach, then I must teach the way he learns.
--Anna Gillingham, Reading Expert

Laughlin’s academic services span a child’s school experience, from preschool through high school.  Our education programs are staffed by certified teachers, early childhood educators, and reading specialists dedicated to helping children gain skills and improve academic self-esteem.

Laughlin has many on-going educational services to help children at all grade and skill levels in social readiness, reading, written language, math, and study skills. If your child has a learning difference, just needs to catch up, or needs enrichment to provide that extra boost, we have services to meet your needs.

The relationship that builds between student and teacher creates a safe atmosphere for your child. The same certified teacher works one-on-one with your child throughout his or her time at Laughlin. That same teacher follows an individualized plan that specifies the starting point, goals, and methods to help your child. Continual observation and periodic assessment charts your child's progress.

Some children need help with the basic skills of reading, math, and written language. Some need to hone their social skills in order to succeed in a classroom setting. Others have mastered basic academic skills, but continue to struggle in the classroom because of an inability to apply those skills to classroom learning. Still others feel confused about how to effectively organize and prepare their schoolwork. All of these challenges can be addressed by Laughlin’s Academic Department.

Click on EARLY CHILDHOOD (Preschool through Kindergarten) or SCHOOL-AGED (Grades 1-12) for more details.